Someday the world was a simpler place.

Life was easygoing and calm.

And then the internet rushed our life.

And now all the world's time and space fits a screen of my laptop.

I can find out whatever I want. I can travel without leaving my apartment, attend university classes, go to any library in the world.

The internet has made the world completely different from what it was.

It gave us the opportunity of getting any information at once.

And here is a brand new step in technology development.


Distributed database.

A future technology.

Same as the internet was.

The world will never be that same-old again.

The blockchain has changed our common way of life. Though it hasn't been noticed yet, the future has already come.

The Cooperation.

A useful work for the benefit of humanity, a righteous mission is the thing that gives us the chance not only of living and working, but enjoying every moment!

Yet it is not all rosy in the garden.

We still have problems, plenty of them.

Is there anybody who can solve them except for us?

Rather no than yes.

So here is our Goal, the Goal of our Cooperation: that is to create a new reality, a New Life where everybody are well-paid and reliably employed, so no crisis can bring them down! And we won't even have to deal with a crisis because there won't be an overproduction!

All we have to do is live and enjoy!

You will say, 'Utopia!'

No, it is not.

We are the only able to create workforce in a big city as well as in a distant countryside!

The Cooperation is the only place not driven by profit lust in the infinite race for survival!

We are just working, falling in love, raising children, rejoicing at life itself!

That is what The Cooperation is about!

In this case, we need to generate a huge amount of jobs. In the city and in the countryside as well.

How to create such jobs if the daily news say that companies keep closing down, here and there? While other companies struggle with problems, and we are going to start a new enterprise here!

We understand that to have a fixed demand we need to generate it ourselves, that is all. Just to do it on our own.

Only The Cooperation can do all this, because we are customers and performers at the same time!

See for yourself.

Everybody have their needs, but everyone – his own!

So why don't we combine all those needs in a list and opposite each line put our new enterprises that would belong to The Cooperation?

The thing is, we spend our personal money, but only inside The Cooperation, so we could give jobs to the same shareholders like ourselves!

That is the way we earn money by spending it!

That is the main paradox of The Cooperation.

Next point.

We know how to resurrect not only our countryside – we know how to provide everyone with the opportunity to live, work, raise children and just enjoy their life!

All what it takes is to create many more enterprises which would produce every product and service we need! Like the blocks of one chain!

Everything is fine, but there still is one key question: where will the money come from?

The answer to that question is plain and simple: we all need to whip-round and build all our factories and works by clubbing together <as an old saying goes: many a little makes a mickle>. Just as it was between all peoples on the Earth, because we know we can achieve anything working side by side. And not just add up our joint capital, but also get from it a very decent dividend!

All this becomes possible after joining The Cooperation, because as soon as one factory or another will begin to work it would immediately produce a profit, due to the fact that demand for its goods is guaranteed by the shareholders who are the consumers of its products and services! And they are the most demanding examiners!

That is our plain and simple model of society development!

And now, when there is the Internet and the Blockchain in the world, you can start any factory at ease by inviting a great bunch of people all over the world who are interested in sharing the joy of building a New Life.

To all-comers we are offering to take part in our new social experiment called ICO.

There are business plans for construction of innovative dairy, pig, poultry farms, energy centers, roads and housing in our portfolio.

To all-comers we are offering to acquire the coin of our Cooperation 'FC-coin'.

The coin will be issued only for that specific project. Exactly for the period of time this project will take – no more no less!

To obtain the balance of every issue so that it wouldn't undergo an inflation, because the number of coins corresponds to the quantity and quality of our Assets.

Furthermore, the price our coin will be constantly rising because it will always be provided by all the Assets of The Cooperation which will be rising too, just like that, while new factories and plants come along.

And the price of the coin will rise for one simple reason: until we haven't started to build a factory/farm/plant there is one price, but there will be a different one if that factory/farm/plant gives products and a certain profit!

This is mere arithmetic.

Before a factory runs, the price of the coin will be minimal, but by the end it will become several times more. And what if we build more and more factories/farms and shops?

Not only our shareholders, but everyone who has bought our coin would become rich, because its exchange rate will be rising continuously.

And what happens to the coin if its exchange rate won't rise?

There will be nothing critical for our shareholders – we guarantee to buy it back at par which means no one on earth who buys our coin would lose anything, because if the exchange rate of our coin rises, he will be able to sell it on any large currency market, and if the exchange rate falls (God forbid), we will necessarily buy it back such-wise reducing customer's risk to zero!

Only 'The Family Capital', i.e. The Cooperation, know how to put the virtual world and the real one together!

How to make virtual money work on the real ground giving birth to the new assets.

There was a time when the old world became virtual.

It is time when virtual becomes real again to serve for the good of all people in the world!

We are today the pioneers and your guides on that path.

We will issue coins for each of our projects increasing by that the capitalization of The Cooperation.

Starting with a simple, comprehensible, very profitable business: recycling agricultural products and processing them.

We are going to build a plant for processing agricultural products consisting of: milk processing and meat, vegetable, bakery, culinary departments.

In other words, we are going to produce the whole range of products of daily consumption.

Along with the plant, within walking distance, there will be also 10 shops built in The Complex.

This simple model gives us a profitability of 52% per annum.

We have already built it before and checked for ourselves – everything works well.

We are offering now to carry through ICO in reality-show mode, to build The Plant and The Shops, start working and get some profit.

There has not been such an open enterprise before.

We will put all our activities into The Blockchain. From the very beginning and till The Complex works!

Everyone will be able to see every little detail! All payments, expenses and proceeds, that is to say, both financial and economic activity.

We keep no secrets from you!

We are building a new reality, a New Life.

Come and join us!

The price of our coin will rise as the construction of The Complex of Flavour (that is how we call The Plant and The Shops) proceeds.

Hurry up to buy the coin at the initial stage.

Experience of the previous ICO has shown that coins could rise in price several times more!

It is time.

It is time for the virtual world to work for the real one!

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