"Family capital" goes to blockchain
«Family capital», together with the «Tuksa» сooperative, officially announces the launch of its own cryptocurrency - FC-coin (Family Capital coin).
The start of our project is devoted to the birthday of Mikhail Shlyapnikov, our great friend, associate, colleague, teacher, the true Russian, philanthropist, the founder of the unique «Colyon», wise, kind and infinitely brave man!

«Family Capital» is, without exaggeration, the leader of Russian coop movement because it is the first cooperative that forwarded investments of its shareholders into the real sector of economy, introduced the industrial hierarchy, then proved it profitable, created the 50-year development program and much more. «Family Capital» is the first in ongoing unification of real and virtual worlds.

Our cooperative ensures the ability to invest in the production of funds through a virtual world by the release of our own token - FC-coin. FC-Coin is a special token. Its price grows accordingly to the number of implemented projects.

Blockchain technology will make this process completely transparent. Each payment, each project implementation activity can be tracked via the Internet. A public structure, the Board of Trustees, will soon be created to control the progress of the project and the expenditure of the collected funds. The Board of Trustees will be approved at the end of ISO.

The experience of creating and managing various types of production gives us confidence in success. The yield of the first facility financed through ISO reaches 84 per cent of annual returns. And that's only in the first stage, using purchased raw materials. As the number of factories, dairy farms, pig complexes and greenhouses grows, the value of products will decline and the yield of production grow.
Cryptocurrency has not yet spread widely in the real economy. In accordance with our cryptocurrency mission, we have worked out the system of ways for cryptocurrency to income to the accounting department, and legally founded impeccable legal models of work. Consultations with the lead banks have confirmed the validity of our findings.
We know what to do and how to do it, we possess the necessary experience and we give the investment opportunity to anyone, all in the name of ourselves and our common future.

FC-Coin is a perfect development and prosperity mechanism for everyone. Join us!

Our daily production will be delivered to the stores. Our provision complex consists of dairy, meat, grocery, cereal and culinary sections. Two floors. Mid-section of the building has the glass corridor for guided tours. There you can observe the entire production process, learn and obtain a profession. The attic has a greenhouse. With its own grocery. The warmth of hot shops provides nice conditions for plants. The greenhouse illumination gives the building a lighthouse look.

The taste of our products is life-changing. It is like a blast from the past, when everything was better. Our stores sell only our own products. The choice is simple: milk is the milk. Yogurt is made of milk. Bread is made of flour. All is simple. All is delicious. All is unforgettable.

Who was the FC-Coin made for?
Anyone, regardless of location and income level, can partake in the project.

Private crowdfunding and the principle of decentralized participation for everyone.

It is a huge resource that offers unlimited opportunities, even in a very
complex sector such as agriculture.

Our advantages
The largest Russian cooperative in the real sector of the economy
More than 15 000 shareholders
Six years of experience in actual production, trade and agriculture
Replicability and scalability of projects
You are always able to visit financed businesses online and offline
The batch purchase of more than 1000 tokens will cost you 25 cents less per each.
Thus, if you batch purchase more than 1000 tokens each will cost you only 1.25 dollars.

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees for the "Family Capital" blockchain project is a public form of project management.

Our positive outlook on trusteeship possibilities for our project are established on historical facts concerning trusteeship in Russia.

Actions that we took to create the Board of Trustees are reflecting the society's need to create mechanisms that will support socially important projects. Their absolute openness and transparency.

The interests' range of the Board of Trustees is broad, but the main are:
- work on a development strategy for "Family Capital" blockchain project in liasion with the Board and Management of the cooperative in the "cryptocurrency mission" framework;
- control of the project's implementation and expenditures of the finances that were allocated for ICO;
- public relations.

Experience has shown that the competition emerging in the process of switching to ICO benefits those organizations that have formed structures that ensure project's openness, permanent external evaluation, "outside point of view" and are actively involved in development and resolution of issues that may arise.

The Board of Trustees is a public form of management ofr the "Family Capital" blockchain project.

The Board of Trustees is not just support and financing, it is also a dialogue with the public on behalf of the project and a dialogue with the project on behalf of civil society.

Functions of the Board of Trustees

1) Social - the work of the Board of Trustees is conducted by representatives of different social and professional groups. This, to some extent, predetermines ways the social demands may differ. People are increasingly aware of the impact that the quality of blockchain projects will have on their future.

2) Economic - the blockchain project will neither develop nor even function without the implementation of multi-channel support schemes for it. The financial, legal and property bases of the Board of Trustees make this project competitive.
The property base of the Board of Trustees is the compilation of financial, material and intellectual resources formed from the contributions of the trustees, as well as the others that the Board acquired legally in order to assist and support the project.

3) Political - society, through the legislative and executive authorities, as well as other social partners, uses the Board of Trustees to enforce a certain policy with regard to the phenomenon of Blockchain.

Our cryprocurrency mission
1. Define the role and place of cryptocurrency in the international legal field

2. Analyse and give a legal opinion on the possibility of using cryptocurrency in the legal field of the Russian Federation.

3. Propose a model for using cryptocurrency to develop real Russian business.

4. Apply the proposed model, using "Family Capital" tokens as an example.

5. Create a standard for the inclusion of cryptocurrency in the turnover of enterprises and make it available for public
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